TROGIR 2800 years of history and life in this "treasury of art" town were always in balance giving the world a magnificent picture of cool and peace, which was recognized by UNESCO. Visit Trogir and feel the lush beauty of stone monuments, the mystique of the streets and vaults, coolness of the sturdy walls and bastions, the harmony of color and form of paintings and carvings.

Placed in the area of Mediterranean climate, Trogir with its 2700 sunny hours per year is a real treasure among other tourist destinations in Croatia. You can enjoy Dalmatian specialties prepared with natural ingredents, or classic continental food in over 100 bistros and restaurants in Trogir area. Do the evening walk through tiny streets and squares during the Trogir Summer Festival and enjoy in the Folk dances, Classical concerts in the cathedral, or Jazz nights on Radovan square. After "important" historical monuments there are an countless quantity of "anonymous" old house with old family's stems above the doors, fascinate architectonic details "lost" in some corner or court with old stone well. The main city square with Cathedral is particularly charming, but it is also an unique feeling to take a walk on a sunshine shore (riva) or "get lose" yourself inside of narrow streets of old town.